IU Bloomington has 640 full-time and hourly technical, craft and administrative employees in the Facility Operations department.

With this staff, Facility Operations services:

  • More than 428 buildings
  • More than 2,000 acres of landscaping, lawns, sidewalks, parking lots and streets
  • More than 449 miles of utility distribution systems
  • Over 198 elevators and lifts
  • 3,354 outdoor lights
  • 1,748 restrooms
Facility Operations maintains 16.5 million gross square feet in campus buildings.

Of the buildings on campus, 252 buildings ( 3.35 million square feet) were constructed before 1960.

Facility Operations processes 33,000 Service Requests annually.

Electricity on campus costs approximately $22 million per year.

Campus Utilities produces 1,273,132,700 pounds of steam annually, which heats approximately 12,000,000 square feet.

Campus Utilities distribute 666,339,000 gallons of water annually.  ♦