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Welcome to the IU Bloomington Facility Operations Customer Reports web site. We hope these easy-to-use reports will make your life a little easier. This web page and these reports are currently in the final development stage and may be revised.

To Use a Report

After following the link to the Customer Reports Page, select a report title and respond to the prompts.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

  • Labor costs are current within one working day.
  • Material costs may not appear for one month or longer, depending on vendor billing cycles.
  • B-SR = Service Request
  • B-WO = Work Order
  • B-PND = Pending Work Order. These are usually Work Orders in the design or approval process that have not been assigned to a Coordinator or scheduled.

Contact Information

Question about Work Orders?

Please contact the Coordinator listed on the Work Request Summary report.

Comments or Suggestions about the Reports

Please contact Brady Jones, the Facility Operations Service Center Coordinator, at (812)856-7077 or