Indiana University Recycling

A collaboration of student groups, IU Management, and diligent employees have made Indiana University's Bloomington Campus's recycling program one of the best in the nation. Internally, the Facility Operations recycles tires, automotive batteries, all metals, refrigerant CFCs, anti-freeze, motor oil, wooden pallets, and most organic materials.

This highly cooperative effort currently recycles approximately 20% of total campus waste, however, our program can be better.

To continue to help IU be a leader in preserving the environment, we need as much participation as possible.

Waste Reduction

Even before you recycle, reduce. Studies show that each office worker throws away an average of a half-pound of recyclable paper every day. How can we reduce the amount?


  • Use both sides of a piece of paper, and make double-sided copies.
  • Double-side class syllabi and handouts. Also class packets can be double-sided. Make request when ordering from copy store.
  • When making a purchase, think about the waste produced from excess packaging. If possible leave it at the store.


  • Request and order recycled products.
  • Make the most of your paper scraps. Have Maxi make scratch pads for your office.
  • Use reusable mugs instead of paper cups.
  • Reuse manila folders, hanging folders and envelopes.


Use electronic communications.

Set up recycling at your office

If you have any questions or want to set up recycling in your office or building contact the following offices:

Note: community procedures may be different than those of IU. For community recycling questions call the 24-hour recycling hotline or the Monroe County Solid Waste Management District ("The District") at 349-2020.

Frequently asked questions about recycling

Please see "No Waste" page on IU Office of Sustainability website for information on recycling on the IUB campus.

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