Intelligence Operations

Intelligence Operations supports

Intelligence Operations manages cable and satellite systems, which include:

  • Supporting the campus broadband communication cable system
  • Monitoring FCC compliance for cable television (CATV) equipment
  • Maintaining head-end CATV equipment
  • Providing support for satellite television systems

Maintenance and service for hydraulic and traction elevators, escalators, and conveyors is handled by Intelligence Operations technicians who are certified by the state of Indiana and include QEI-certified state inspectors.

Intelligence Operations provides a full range of design, maintenance, and installation services for:

  • Interrupt dialers
  • Motion detection
  • Video surveillance
  • Digital recording
  • Computer security
  • Keyless entry/card access systems
  • Fire, smoke, heat detection, and fire suppression systems

The Operations Center is staffed all hours, all days to respond to general maintenance, temperature controls, elevator and other trouble calls, including reports of icy patches and lights not working.

If you are in an emergency situation, call 911 first, then call the Operations Center at 812-855-8728.